Friday, January 05, 2018

Nativity Scenes

One of the biggest things in Spain for the Christmas holidays, aside from the colorful spectacle of lights all around the towns and cities,

are the figures of the Nativity.  Some are of life sizes specially those displayed in churches or patronized by the  City Halls. The figures are made usually of clay but also can be made from different materials such as recycled cans.  I had the opportunity to see several of them.  Not only the Holy family with the Three Wise Men are shown but also several traditional occupations and day to day scenes.  Here are some of them.

Plaza Mayor

International Nativity - Matadero





Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Mel's activities in Language School

When we think about work, what usually comes to mind is a daily, boring routine activities, but that does not hold true for Mel.  She gets involved in several different activities and if you take a close look at the pictures hereunder, you will get the feeling that Mel is the one who enjoys the most in the group even when consisting of a huge number of people from different worlds and ages.

Bournemouth, where she resides is a beautiful place with its beaches and gardens and where she can commute by bike to get to work and nearby places.

And you should watch her flash mob videos in  Mel puts all her energy in everything she does and gets funny too sometimes as she dances!