Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New Year 2013 in Madrid

We almost missed the time to eat the grapes because we were skyping with Mel.   Then I realized that the grapes that were prepared by Ron were too big,  unpeeled and with the seeds.  I stopped eating after 4 grapes, because I felt that my throat would not accept any more.  The tradition here is that in the center of Madrid, before New Year's Eve, people gather with their grapes and drinks for a group celebration. Just as people in their houses gather around the television to await for the signal when to start eating the grapes.  Before the clock strikes at midnight, 12 grapes are to be eaten and swallowed.  For me it has always been a feat, and this time with a sore throat, it became an impossible illusion.
We had a disappointing evening, I was not feeling very well so I did not even bother to get  changed.  Food was plenty but then the shrimps and the duck breast were still half cooked. And the rest of the food was cold.  But I was tired and Ron was already hungry so neither one of us even tried to do things right.  Ron ate only the cannelloni, while I tried a few bites of everything.  Here is our table display:

We had:  banana chiffon cake with butter and sugar topping, cannellonis, spare ribs, grilled big shrimps with garlic, baked sea bass with sauteed garlic, onion, tomato, parsley and wine, grilled duck breast with sake wine and honey, and black glutinous rice with  dried water chestnuts (favorite of Nick and Mel). After a quiet evening of tidying up and cleaning the kitchen, just a few minutes to watch TV and we were off to bed.

An old year was over and a New Year has just began.  A lot of things to be thankful for, and be happy about while other things have to be left behind.  Happy New Year!