Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trip to Brighton Part III

After Russell left us, we decided to retrace where we have been before to take a longer look and see if there were interesting things for us to buy, after getting something else to eat since we barely ate lunch but shared a couple of slices of bread with meat spread and  marmalade while Mel ate part of the salad with marmalade that was served us in Marwood.  Anyway, I wanted to try some pasties, which are what we call "empanadillas".  At the same time, I saw some buns (siopaos) sold in a cart which picture I showed in Part II.  They seemed to be recently done and looked very appetizing.  We had the pasties, but we did not see the bun cart anymore.  I also wanted ice cream or coffee, but Mel kept telling me that there was a better place elsewhere, but then at the end  either business closed or closed for the day.  In this area, businesses usually close at 5 pm.  And it was really late for us to have lunch, but being busy looking around, we just missed the time to have lunch.  We went for window shopping.  Nothing was interesting for me to buy, but Ron found a couple of tshirts.  Mel did not buy anything either.  After all, Ron and myself do the shopping for her.  But there was a variety of superb vintage shops, flea market, artists, cafés, restaurants etc. A mix of shops and cafés which range from possibly interesting to positively grim. Great atmosphere, very bustling and busy and the people seemed to be either strolling or relaxing in cafés.

We kept moving around and saw the following:

I do not recall why Mel and myself got caught looking with a smile at that man who in turn seemed to be smiling at Ron!  OMG!

It was surprising to see a Spanish Tapa House in the North Laine.

Such a cute cafe!

This was in front of a bar where you can grab a drink.

We casually ran into one of the restaurants of Ron's favorite cook inspirations, Jamie Oliver,  an English cook born in Essex, a county southeast of UK.  He was presented by BBC and turned into one of the most influential cooks in UK.

This was taken beside the entrance of the SHIP HOTEL, noted for its weird construction.  Because according to Russell, it was built by interconnecting several houses to make one hotel, resulting into probably strange passageways.  Too bad we could not access to the upper floors. The Old Ship is the oldest inn in Brighton. The earliest known record dates from 1665 when it was owned by Richard Gilham, but it may date from the previous century as an unnamed house was owned by a Richard and John Gilham in 1559. It probably derived its name from being partly constructed from ship's timbers, and for many years the entrance to the stable included a ship's stern-piece. It serviced the market place on the nearby cliff top, while the street in which it was situated took its name from the inn, Ship Street.  Source:  Geograph

This is actually a hotel with French home style cooking, although from its looks, it seems more of Asian influence.

This was taken in front of the Bistro.


They have quite a variety of articles for 99p but we only bought a socket plug which Ron needed at that time. The 99p store or the pound store is located along the busy streets, which do not seem to blend with a 99p store but are rather identified with expensive stores.

Then we were off to the beach!  There were so many people all eager to catch some sunshine. Ron and myself seemed to have brought with us the sunshine since it had been raining before we came.

Ron and I got tired and sat down in one of the benches provided by the beach.  We needed a refill of food energy!  Mel, who still had a lot of energy available, offered to buy for us some food in a famous Fish and Chips store by the beach.  She came with two burger buns, one with smoked mackerel and the other a regular one. It was good for a growling stomach!  After having  our refill of calories, off we went to go near the pier.  And it was when we realized that Mel had a long walk and waited on queue just to get us some fish buns.  How sweet of Mel!

Mel saw a sculpture where children climb to play and Mel wanted to try to climb it herself, but she could not do it since her shoes would not allow her to go any further.  A little girl came by to show Mel how to do it and Mel finally did  a little bit of climbing.

But that girl seemed to have come from nowhere and just as she seemed to have come from thin air, she also vanished just as quickly and without saying any single word at all!  We did not see anyone accompanying her although we looked around.  Does the shadow tell you something on the image with the girl going down?  My imagination just gave me some thoughts!



 The Kissing gate that demonstrates the British tolerance for  gays.



This is a sculpture in the shape of a huge doughnut. There is not too much to say about it really, but to say that bits have been cut out of the metal as they are the continents of the world.

And here are the jumping shots.



Then came the sunset after which hunger followed.... We decided to eat at Jamie's restaurant.  But  it was full and they gave us 1hr 30 mins. of waiting time.  We decided to keep the reservation just in case we did not find anything better.

It was a good thing that we had to wait because it gave us some more time to take pictures with the lights  in the streets.

Luckily, as if by sixth sense, I asked Mel to check in the Thai restaurant if we could be accommodated at a shorter time of waiting.  And we got a place to eat immediately.  We thought either we cancel reservation at Jamie's or we had our dessert there, which latter option was what we chose to do.

This is the facade of the Thai restaurant.

While waiting, I used the ipad (hippo... pad since I made a textile case for the ipad with a hippotamus sticker on it!).  Ron likes things done by me, even when it is not food, jejeje.

Chicken Noodles Pad Thai

Spring Rolls

Roast Chicken with rice and sauce
We ate the above first because we were already hungry, after all, we did not eat a decent lunch and had  only  two oranges to share for snacks. We got two plates of noodles, one with chicken and the other one with vegetables.  Ron must have been hungry already so as not to take picture of the other plate. There were big portions, so I shared my food with Ron. It was good but service was slow, but as can  be expected because the restaurant was completely full.  We coincided with a hen party for the second time.  It was too noisy.

Then it was time to go to the other place and Ron being always the first one to finish his food, we sent him to Jamie's while I paid for the bill.

And this is what we ordered to the disappointment of the waitress since what tip can she expect from a small invoice???  But then it was already past 10 pm.  What did she expect?

The lemon cake was good so was the almond cake, but you know who finished both of them!  We ordered one tea but we all shared it, jejeje!  I just wanted a little tea and so was Ron, not that we could not afford to buy three cups...

We left thinking that we still could go to the ASDA supermarket, a big chain store in UK supposedly open 24 hours.  But after we lost our stop, and we were left in the middle of nowhere, we had to pass through a tunnel that connected to the other direction.  Good thing that it was a daintily decorated tunnel!  But when we got to ASDA, it was closed for some unknown reason, so we had to wait almost an hour for the nocturnal bus, which cost about two times as much as a regular fare, 3 pounds each.  We could have taken a taxi, but it was complicated as it also takes some waiting time, so we were ready to pay 9 pounds for the 3 of us.  But before the bus came, Ron, applied the hypnotic spell that  Kenny Craig (Matt Lucas)  worked  out on his date (Little Britain tv series)

Apparently, it worked because the bus driver did not charge us the night fare but we were able to use the day pass that we have acquired early during the day. Bus driver hypnotized from a distance!

We had to go back to do the groceries the following day after packing.  Mel chose to stay and to tidy up the apartment a little more and make sure there was no stain left on the sofa, because I accidentally spilled my glass of wine (Albali Viña Reserva!) when I fell asleep by the sofa and while Ron and Mel were both  upstairs.  Otherwise, we get a penalty from a 200 pound rent deposit.

We passed by the car boots sale near ASDA.  The family joke consists in saying that we can buy a child from the flea market.  And these two lads are just perfectly adorable!  I could have asked the boy  if he were for sale, but then his Dad would have given me a shout.


There were some interesting shops.  As a matter of fact, I bought two handbag mirrors and a small album of arranged pressed flowers from Jerusalem from this shop, but they looked to me like any common wild flowers and ferns. Quite some find! I love the handmade cards on display but I did not want to pay 10 pounds each.  It opens with a flap and there is a calling card inside.  It also has a dedication at the back written to someone in particular.  I guess that makes it more valuable.  But we did not have enough cash!

Mel, followed us to ASDA supermarket, and fortunately, we were already done with our groceries.  It was easy, because we already knew what we wanted. But some other stores were open so I decided to take a look, while the two were taking pictures.


At the luggage factory store on the left  (with missing letters)  of the picture, I found a leather bag of the type that I have been looking for.  And it was on sale!  I was so pleased to have found it there. Of course I bought it.

We went back to the apartment by bus and finished packing.  We were lucky that Mel, had her work cancelled for that day due to a technical problem with the  minibus because then she gave us more help.  It was complicated to get back to the train station because there was a massive fash rally which jammed the traffic.  It was a good thing that we decided to get off the bus and to walk to the station because otherwise, we could have missed our flights and Mel's train schedule.  It was more difficult for Mel to move around with her luggage, because it must have weighed about 30 kgs or more.  We thought of waiting for her to leave the station to help her with her luggage, but then I was afraid to get late to the airport, besides I wanted to buy something else for give aways.  And I knew Mel would find help anywhere just with her smile and her charm.

Everything else went well until we got home.  Another year older but another year happier too!