Friday, November 29, 2013

Ron in Marostica and Treviso

Ron's heavy workload from Mondays to Fridays in Padova is compensated by his weekend escapades to nearby towns with his officemates and friends, specially Diego and Julen.

He has recently been  to Marostica and Treviso.

Marostica is famous all over the world for the live chess game it carries out every even year, in September, with living chess pieces in the city square.  Too bad that they did not coincide to see the human chess game but had to conform with the statues.  Here are some pictures of Ron and his "squad".

The Piazza Castello is the main square of Marostica and has the main attraction of the huge chess board (Piazza degli Scacchi) set into the square, this is where the annual chess game is played with human chess pieces, the huge white and pinkish chessboard is paved with Asiago stone and the game is played the 2nd weekend of September in the even years.

This is the Lower Castle which dates back to 1320 and guards the main entrance through the town walls, the castle was built for Cansignorio della Scala and is now the site of the Town Hall and the Tourist Information Centre.

On the other hand, Treviso is a city of water, in a small island surrounded by the river where  they have their fish market. The world renowned fashion brand Benetton was born here. It is said that in the 1960's Luciano Benetton, who was a salesman in Treviso back then, started off this company by selling his younger brother's bicycle to get his first 2nd hand sewing machine and came up with his very own line. Later his two brothers and sister joined in and in 1965 the entity Benetton Group was formed. Since then this company never looked back with over 2000 shops all over the world and of course the head office is here in Treviso in the very heart of the city along with Benetton, playlife and sisley shops, other two lines within this group. Source:  by STEFZAMM Written Sep 28, 2009 in Virtual Tourist.

Here are some of the river scenes:

Ponte di San Martino used to be the only bridge over the river Sile, the "River of Silence",  and consequently the only entrance point to the city and access point to the alpine regions.

Here was located the last of the sixteenth mills on Sile, which had 16 wheels and is mentioned in old documents dating from the XIII century. Virtual Tourist.

Interesting places:

Fish Market

The head office of Benetton is located in the heart of Treviso.

Tower Bell

This big bell is said to be heard twice daily at 9am and 5pm to advise the locals that it is the beginning or the end of their working day and also at noon along with other bells in other towers or churches around Treviso.   This bell does also ring at midnight. It also rings on December 31st at midnight and on the 7th of April to remember the tragic bombing of 1944. Source:  Virtual Tourist.

Built in the second part of 1200 in the times of podesta' Andrea da Perugia, Loggia dei Cavalieri is the only building of this kind in Europe.

Made of bricks, with an irregular form, the Loggia has three of its sides with five arches supported by columns with capitals in Istria stone.

This was the place where the most important persons in town met in order to play society games.  Source:  Virtual Tourist.


Made between 1230 and 1270, the austere Saint Francesco church was commissioned by Papa Innocenzo III.

The architectural style of the church is a mix of Romanic (the entrance door, the arches) and Gothic (the windows) elements.

Built in form of Latin cross, the church has a wooden cases ceiling and stone pavement.  Virtual Tourist.

A typical bar
Packing Treviso sweets

Decorative Breads
"Food tasting" in Treviso!


Bye for now from Treviso.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Family Bonding in Padova

We saw this St. Nicol church where I saw a beautiful life size sculpture of Madonna and child.  Too bad I ran out of battery in my camera.  But Ron is still there to get me a picture.  In the meantime, as we got to the church when it was already closed, we just had a funny photo of one united family with Nick still in our minds.  It was nice to say that as we took this picture, a car passing by made a full stop so as not to interrupt.  A kind gesture, indeed!

We saw some curious things. 

A kettle with several spouts! 

Some funny  graffitis.

The Basilica di Santa Giustina, although I found it less decorated than the majority of the big churches and plain at first sight, in the basement, it has several interesting things. It  has the peculiarity to have a decorated deposit box where money goes to the ground and seen over a glass floor.



It also has  beautiful frescoes in the basement.

The mixture of the modern with the old in the main Duomo cathedral in Padua.



How in the main cathedral (Duomo) they stack the seats and the benches, when they polish the floors or when there is no major event for their use.


It is amazing how they use underground surfaces to contain their wastes separated into organic wastes, plastic, bottles and paper, just like in Spain.

The trams we did not find necessary for us to move around, because we enjoyed walking a lot.

The Pedrocchi café founded in the 18th century in central Padua, Italy. It has architectural prominence because its rooms were decorated in diverse styles, arranged in an eclectic ensemble by the architect Giuseppe Jappelli. Wikipedia

The bubble tea, which was one of the innovative shops in Padua.  Just like the word says, it is a bubble but with different flavors.  Expensive but not worth it.

The bicycle signs painted on the ground respecting the use of bicycles, which is a common means of transport in Padua.  We advised Ron to rent one because it costs only 10€ to rent a bike for a month, and they have parking spaces all over.  And he did rent a bike, before we left.  I wonder if he is using it, huh, Ron?

How books are displayed in the streets, without anyone watching over them.

They also have their water scenes


It was a good choice having stayed longer in Padua, because of our proximity with Ron, but also because Padua has a lot of interesting places to see, mainly the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua, the Scrovegni Chapel, which Mel and me unfortunately were not able to visit, where they have the most important masterpieces of modern art, the Prato della Valle, the Orto Botanico, the Padua cathedral, etc...  We also got to know the officemates of Ron, and the place where they work.  It was an interesting trip to Padua, and saying goodbye to Ron was quite sad, specially when Mel was to leave immediately for Cambodia.  Tears for the despedida, but we will keep on smiling for the best in the future. 

Where Ron's apartment is, Biri Apartment Hotel.  Taken from the car to the airport.


 Bye from Padua, like the wave of the queen of England.

Off to Venice airport.


At the airport still taking pictures with Mel looking for me as it was already calling to board in our row.  Oh well, it was worth having taken pictures before we left, no big deal for the plane, couldn't leave without me, jejeje!

See you in Bassano del Grappa, a one day event to meet with Mel's friends.  Such a charming town, near Padua.  I should have sent it earlier than this of Padua, but then....