Thursday, January 30, 2014

Finland, People Oriented Country

Finland does not have many natural resources. The national anthem says:.. we are a poor country, with no gold. The resource we have is in our people.

Thus, we invest in our people. Every person has to receive training and education as far as their ability permits. It is not enough for a society to have some very skilled people. All of society should have the possibility to continue with training throughout life.

It is not enough that a poor child gets some training when he is small.  He has to be able to study as much as he wants.

And statistically, Finland is one of the  most competitive countries internationally  with only 5 million inhabitants.

Imagine what Finland would do with 190 million.  Here are some beautiful winter images of Finland.


An interesting place to visit.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Wish List for the New Year


A new year, a new life! It is that time of the year again when we hear a lot about New Year's resolutions which to many seem only to be a long list of what they aim to do for the year that has just began.  Promises, promises, which are so easy to say and yet too difficult (or even impossible)  to cumply with.  Why do we make them in the first place?  Perhaps in order to:

1)  recognize our negative attitudes, errors or insatisfactions
2)  run away from our boring routines
3)  aim for a better life, physically or spiritually (or both)
4)  please others (or oneself)

But why is it that oftentimes they are merely repetitions of what we aimed for at the beginning of the previous year?

1) because they are contrary to our real character
2) because there is no link between the rational and the emotional
3) because they are not realistic, since they only determine goals, but neglect the medium, which convert them in abstract since you cannot see them, hear them...
4) because they do not analyze the reasons for the failure of the previous years, which only multiplies the chances of repeating them
5) because the motivating factor is diminished by the focus on the obligation and not on the results
6) because there is no legal binding contract nor witnesses

What alternatives do we have then?
1)  Make any New Year's resolutions that are realistic, that do not seem to be far-fetched nor impossible.  The idea is to have a  permanent sensation of  moving forward, to develop and improve.  If you have goals that are achievable, it will be soon that you will experience the first results of your success.  And that will lead definitely to an interior level of motivation.
2)  Why not include only one important, essential objective that requires from you an effort and give you some noteworthy consequences such as:  I will do all means to be organized, write a weekly schedule and stick to it, or I will improve my ability to communicate with others... And have the conviction to do it.
3)  If you are only to activate an old resolution, analyze why you failed the first time in order to avoid committing the same mistakes.
4)  Start immediately, do not wait for tomorrow.
5)  Savor your triumphs when you obtain the first good results of your efforts.  You deserve it.

But then, never wait until the end of the year to start with a wish list of doing things better for others or yourself.

Source:  El PaĆ­s
By Carlos Arroyo  "To educate well your children pays in half what you owe to life"