Thursday, August 14, 2014

Supermoon, a testimony of God's mighty creation

August this year is different from other months because of the perseids meteor shower and supermoon which offer a divine heavenly show.

Even when the following day was Monday, people from around the world stayed up late and witnessed the second of the three “supermoons” for this year. said that this is the most “super” “supermoon” among the three for this year (The third and last “supermoon” is set on September 9).

More technically called as the perigee moon, this phenomenon occurs when the moon is much closer to the Earth than usual.  Here are some of the amazing photos that I found in internet.

Night sky photographer Cody Limber assembled this amazing mosaic of the 2013 Perseid meteor shower during four nights of observing from his deck on Orcas Island in Washington.

Over Mount Eden in Auckland, New Zealand.  Photograph: Simon Runting/Rex


Fireworks explode in front of the Supermoon outside the town of Mosta celebrating the feast of its patron saint in Malta.  Photograph:  Reuters/Darrin Zammit Lupi

Madrid. Photograph: AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza

A plane flies across the Supermoon surrounded by two skyscrapers in Madrid. Photograph: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Cadiz in Spain.  Photograph:  John Nazca/Reuters

From Weehawken, New Jersey.  Photograph:  Chuck/Sarah Fishbein

New York City. Photograph:  Sob Photography

Los Angeles. Photograph: Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

Over Metro Manila. (REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco)

Hong Kong. Photograph: Associated Press

Brighton, UK.  The waves of the stormy sea seen lit by the light of the Supermoon at Brighton pier in the early hours of the morning of August 11, 2014.  Photograph:  Julia Claxton/ Barcroft Media

And these are some of my favorite from the lovely photos taken by my brother, Arnel.



There may be a less firework display of perseids since the sky will still be bright, due to the Supermoon.  However, Tony Markham, director of the society for popular astronomy, said: “The Perseids are rich in bright meteors and so many Perseids will still be seen despite the moonlit sky background". He added: “You can minimise the effect of the moonlight by observing with your back to the moon.

”Watch for the shooting stars and make a wish, and I hope that your wish will come true....

Friday, August 08, 2014

Games Children Play in the Philippines

I remember having played these games and it was simply pure fun.  Although competitive, it was a healthy way of doing it.  Wish more children will just have fun playing simple games and get rid of iphones and ipads for the time being....

These are the games we used to play when I was a kid.  They were simply lots of fun and competitive at the same time. 

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Visit of Pennsylvania

Chester and New Hope, in Pennsylvania are two nice places to visit.  Visiting them was a true feast for my eyes.  We drove to Pennsylvania where we visited the quaint shops first of Chester and then of New Hope.  It was quite a pleasant day, although hot, it was milder than other days. 

Chester is a charming small town with a population of 33,972 at the 2010 census with a Cosmopolitan flair.  There are small shops filled with different sorts of things such as antiques, clothes, home decors and arts and a long list of etc...

In Chester, I saw this room,  with the accessories for sale.

  Dunkin Donuts coffee shop  and thhe Starbucks coffee shop.


The houses that are shops.

I was surprised to see a store selling firearms in Chester specially more so considering the high homicide rate in this town.

Here are two images of the Delaware river.

Although Chester is a beautiful place to go shopping,  there was not really much to see, and it was not too long before we have seen  all of the shops.

We proceeded to New Hope, which has a lot more things to offer compared with Chester.   Here are pictures of what we saw:

Delaware canal and river

I was amazed with a former Methodist church that the owner Marsha Brown has transformed into a dramatic Southern-inflected grill where the best dishes reflect her New Orleans roots. This beautifully restored 19th c. stone church in New Hope, now a luxurious restaurant called Marsha Brown,  is constructed with 50-ft ceilings, stained glass windows and a towering Renaissance style mural which cannot help but mesmerize diners.

A large painting is the focal point of the dining room, wood cushioned pews line the walls, needlepoint upholstered chairs flank the tables draped with pristine white linens, and sconces softly illuminate the room.  In the former sacristy area, there is additional dining with oval red back chairs flanking the tables with a huge chandelier for lighting.

The Mansion Inn is a beautiful 1865 Manor home, a charming Bed and Breakfast located in the historical landmark town of New Hope, and is a magnificent example of Second Empire French Victorian architecture.

We checked out the shops and there are lots of them right after another...separated only by restaurants or the occasional Tarot Card reader. Crafts shops, art galleries, antiques... Goods tend to be pricey...lots of souvenir items.  Not only are the different types of shops interesting, but the buildings they are in can be interesting as well.

The coffee shop that looks so pretty with all of the flowers in bloom to welcome anyone.

And so alluring is this house and garden of flowers.  They are so lovely as if planted in your own garden. And all the plants and flowers are available for sale.  Fantastic way of encouraging you to buy any of them.

And the vistas are so enchantingly beautiful, like the Aquetong creek that runs by Bucks County Playhouse, the State Theater of Pensylvania.

I really enjoyed visiting New Hope.  It is a pintoresque, quaint, artsy little town.  Lots of shops, galleries, and restaurants.  Many of the restaurants allow for streetside seating, which is not very commonly seen in the States.