Monday, October 27, 2014

Cibeles and Matadero Madrid

Yesterday, on a beautiful, sunny day I met with Ron in Madrid, firstly; to see the Abello private collection of paintings in the City Council of Cibeles, secondly; to try the gourmet tapas in the same building, and thirdly; to go to the Matadero, a former  slaughterhouse in the Arganzuela district of Madrid which has been converted to an arts centre. The buildings were in use as a slaughterhouse until 1996. At the turn of the 21st century, Madrid City Council decided to turn this space into a great laboratory for contemporary artistic creation. In keeping with its experimental vocation, all the restoration work has been developed through a newly added, flexible and reversible architecture that uses industrial materials that go with the premises’ character. Thus, Matadero has become an opportunity to experiment with Madrid’s new architecture. Source: Wikipedia.

In the City Council of Cibeles, we had a visit of the building to take opportunity of the extra time that we had before getting into a scheduled  visit of the Abello painting collections.  It was fun taking pictures in such a recreational place for reading and resting pleasure:


But in as much as our visit around the recreational area was entertaining, it was simpler to go back some other time, and instead visit  the collection of Abello,  one of the most important Spanish art collectors.  I found the Abello colection overwhelming not only because of the famous painters, thereby included, but also for the titles of the paintings.  Two of those that impressed me the most:  Woman Peasant Head by Van Gogh and Celist by Modigliani.


And after a while, we left the paintings with the idea of getting to eat the gourmet tapas which were selling for 3 Euros each.  It would have been a nice experience but unfortunately, by the time we got to the entrance, the queue was too long so we decided to have our tapas elsewhere, in one of those established by famous chefs in Madrid quite a few walks away.    It is called Estado Puro by Paco Roncero.  Here are the tapas we had:

Parmesan Ice cream with lemon jam 4,50€

Porcini mushroom/cuttlefish in ink croquettes 1,95€
Iberian Pork Shoulder with "Chimichurri" sauce 12,50€

Asparragus tempura with romescu sauce 9,20€
And here is where they put the bill
 And this is how it looks:


Then we took the bus to Matadero. It was the first time that I have been there and I love the place.  i was actually attracted to the fresh produce that was advertised.  But also with several of its enormous and unique spaces for “site-specific” artistic work.  This is how it looks on the day that we visited it.

The open areas:


Where you can relax and take a nap but not on such a  hot day!!!

The Agroestation, an ecological equipment, is installed in Matadero.  It is a mobile covered space which hosts energy saving resources with automatic built-in systems that enable to cook with the use of solar energy, keep fresh foods without electricity, clean water through plant and microbiotic systems and produce  wind and human-powered energy.

Café with the music room, where you can be the disk jockey if you wish...

They have such huge ovens where they can roast a whole cow....

The fresh produce and other products available for sale:

Björn Dahlem

In Matadero, the old refrigeration room has been converted into a display area for artists committed to young ideas.  Björn Dahlem, the invited artist has constructed his installations based on the idea of black holes that are astronomical objects or physical models to describe the state of a collapsed star. The matter of a dead star is extremely heavy and dense, which creates a huge gravitational field around it. This means that black holes swallow everything, including light. It seems that black holes are the engines, or gravitational hubs around which the whole of the universe moves.  Source of info:  Metalocus MAgazine



New Product designs for sale...



Ron was not supposed to use the lounging chair but I was able to take the picture before the salesman approached us.  There was no sign and yet this was kind of a stolen shot...

Reading areas are provided for both children and adults....

I am sure that I will soon go back to Matadero.