Saturday, November 29, 2014

Eating in Madrid, in the airport and a pyramid

We had Mel's despedida in a mall after she did her shopping in Decathlon.  Ron, as a good brother paid for all her shopping needs. They did not want me to cook dinner, and I did not cook at all after we came from our trip to Cadiz.  We ate lunch out all the time and we had bread in the evenings while watching a video movie. Ron slept over on weekends and another working day when he could. We chose to have dinner in a typical American restaurant called "Bus Station".


The following day, we took Mel to the airport.  As can be expected, with all of the cold cuts, cheese and other goodies that Mel brought with her, it was not unusual that her handcarry luggage was retained for inspection. We stayed until we saw that she went through.  She told us later that the inspector was curious to know if her brother (who she said gave her all of the goodies, and that without seeing the contents of her checked-in luggage) is a butcher due to the excellent quality of the food and how well wrapped each one was!

Soon after we left the airport, we went to pick up Beatriz to go for lunch as invited by Ron's friend.  The good thing about Ron and Mel is that they introduce me to their friends so that every now and then depending on the activity, I get to be invited to join them too.  It was a nice place.  I brought my chocolate cake and with the apple cake that the mother of the house made, there was enough sweets for dessert.  Here is my cake:

The father of Ron's friend is a real artist.  He constructed a pyramid and inside carved Egyptian figures.  Likewise, he painted the Guernica on one of his walls and carved the Maori wooden figures.






As an anecdote, it so happened that the mother of the house, Pili, went to my first exhibit and she liked it so much that she pressed so many leaves.  She attempted to make a composition but she did not do well so she gave it up.  Besides, she has a lot of tasks around the house and has two grandchildren to take care of every now and then.  Anyway, she gave me all the pressed plants.  I do not think I can make the best use of them because most of them were not properly pressed. 

But we had a pleasant day.  Seeing the art from an artist first hand is a real privilege, a gift for my eyes.  

Cadiz Part II

November 10, 2014 Leaving Cadiz

As it oftentimes happens,  when you are having a good time in a place, it is almost disheartening to say goodbye.  You get more attached to an Aparthotel than staying in a hotel room.  Aside from being more comfortable  with bigger space and the possibility to cook your own food at your own convenience and pleasure, just like in a hotel you get to have your beds done and the bathroom cleaned with toiletries changed daily.  And when service is good and friendly, it gets to be endearing.  But of course, there is no place like home.

Here I am preparing our lunch pack.  We were taking the train at 12:40 noontime and arriving in Madrid past 5 pm.

This is Mel's lunch pack.  It has fried pepper and cheese.

We got early to the train station before Ron had to give back the rented car.  We took time to take some more pictures and lingered a little while.

We went to a nearby bakery to buy some typical pastries.

Here is my lunch, half of the meat empanada, orange juice, and the sandwich....

Along the way, I took some pictures from where I was seated.

And here we are at the station, more than twenty minutes earlier than schedule.  Such a blessed trip.

Here we are  in a Korean Restaurant after having been invited for a snack in the apartment of the parents of Beatriz.  By coincidence, a group of Koreans passed along our way to the car, and Ron remembered about this Korean restaurant which is near where they live. Good food, but relatively serves small servings considering the price.  But we had more than enough with grilled tofu, noodles  and meat with vegetables.  The restaurant has a cute decoration.  Ron took Mel and me home and then got back to his place.

 Here are our selfies.

In Grazalema

Family bonding time, to me is whenever we spend  time together in group activities that lead to a meaningful and fun event. At least twice a year, Ron, Mel and I make family plans to travel mainly to strengthen relationship but also to live new experiences and build fun memories.  This year, like any other year, we have achieved our goal.  We have grown in knowledge of one another and ready to proceed living each other's life on our own in different places.