Monday, February 23, 2015

San Martin de Valdeiglesias, an Enchanted Forest

Last year on the occasion of my birthday, Ron brought me to the Enchanted Forest in San Martin de Valdeiglesias,  about an hour by car from where I live.  Today, we repeated the visit.  Being the second visit, we had almost a 50% discount in the entrance fees. Luckily, we decided to bring our food and drinks, since from the experience of last year's we learned that food is allowed.  Not so with the drinks, because there are supposedly vending machines, (although this time I did not see any) but we brought them anyway.  Here are some of the funny poses of Ron.

He rented this Volkswagen Polo for the weekend.

Ron has easily befriended this dinosaur.

Likewise with this dinosaur.  And he tried to hide from me using a huge dinosaur as a cover, but he could not escape, I was hungry and I could smell the hamburgers he had in his backpack.

Being the Chinese New Year, Ron made peace sign with the Buddha of the river.

He posed by the purple tree, who painted it and why, we don't know.

Ron almost got a stampede from a wild horse. 

Luckily, the coachman took control.... 

Ron painted two trees in orange, the first one lighter than the other,  knowing Mel loves the color.  The brighter color made the dolphins jumped with joy! 

Then with the frogs, he posed by his sailboat...

And he tried to hide from me using a huge dinosaur as a cover, but he could not escape, I was hungry and I could smell the hamburgers he had in his backpack.

To distract me, he directed me towards Cinderella and the 7 dwarves.

He persuaded Cinderella to protect him...

He tried to charm the monkey with a clementine.

And with the same idea he gave it to the hippotamus nearby.  But neither the monkey nor the hippotamus was willing to be bribed.

And when I asked him to give me the clementine  instead,  he placed it in the trunk of an elephant with the threat of eating it whole, peel and all...

He found a group of musicians and he started to dance.  He did a public performance to the delight of passersby.

And he danced around with the musicians playing cheerfully and he even found a willing partner to dance with him.

Together with the group of musicians, he played with the instruments at hand.

He let loose of the genie so he may obtain three wishes.

Then he got absorbed in his thoughts to define his wishes.  What they were, he kept them to himself.

He went to the square and dared the bull to get him, but the bull was blind and could only see the red cape that the bullfighter held.  Ron left unscathed.

And he dared the Centaur to shoot him with his arrow while thinking that he has been armed with the spinach power of Popeye.  Luckily, the Centaur, contained himself and there was no victor nor vanquished.

So with a smile on his face, he told Sancho Panza that he had hamburgers and asked him if he wanted one, while I looked frustrated and ready to kill for a bite of a hamburger.  Mind you it was not an ordinary hamburger, it was the best and nobody makes them as good.  And it had Cheddar cheese, fresh tomato, fresh sweet onion on a toasted bun.  

Ron told me to go away while pointing to a direction.....  But I did not pay heed.


After my pleading and my begging while almost in tears, he finally gave me a hamburger.  And then he smiled.  After all, I made those hamburgers, and accompanied with gourmet potato chips and a can of Orange Fanta, I almost burped with satisfaction...

And then peace reigned...

But satisfaction was not to be complete until we had coffee and a crispy croissant then a quick shopping at the mall...

And that, folks is how I see life, a mixture of simple pleasures.