Sunday, March 01, 2015

Street Food Restaurant in Madrid

Due to the economic crisis, businesses have evolved in different ways.  The term "luxury" has taken a different meaning in terms of dining.  According to David Muñoz, three times Michelin award winner "I believe that the luxury comes from a unique experience, with a lot of personality".
Under the concept of ‘street food’ with imagination David Muñoz presents a mixture of Asian and Iberian cooking with his personal touch.  Known as Street XO and located in one of the biggest "have everything store" in the city of Madrid, this restaurant has gained fame with very fresh start in November of last year.

Here, no reservations are admitted, and no special corner, everyone is treated equally. There are only cooks and no waiters,  since the same cooks attend the clients behind the bars tables that form a U with some tables in the terrace outside that are set up overlooking the city.

Some furnitures consist of recycled materials.

Food is served on paper recipients over plastic trays and using other disposable materials.

 Meat empanadilla with glazed crest and strawberry Hoisin sauce

Iberian roast pork topped with canned mussels, mixed greens, shitake, tartar, hot sauce

Butter Fish with potato pastry, smoked bacon and Caesar dressing

Tempura quail with Sesame seed

Pekinese dumplings with crispy pork in strawberry and Ali-oli sauce

There are plenty of choices in special cocktails to go with your order for food.  

A Gourmet Experience, with a visual show to explore your senses of sight, smell and taste.  Here is an Academy that gives the opportunity for young people to learn to cook, create, feel...

But food is quite expensive and you have to wait in a long queue.  I really do not want to eat in a place where I have to wait on line and then pay an expensive bill.  It is a place that is good for the first experience, but after which you would rather find a place where you are able to make a reservation be comfortably seated and attended.