Monday, June 22, 2015

An Eventful May 2015 Weekend In Madrid

We had high in the 30°C this weekend.  But it did not take away the fun of what Madrid had to offer.  Ron and Beatriz had a relaxing weekend by having a night out in Madrid.  It looked like a quiet evening.


The swimming pool and a barbecue party the next day, wow, that was so inviting...

And if you cannot be in a real beautiful environment, you can always find one that is painted on the walls.

On the other hand, Ron accompanied me to watch a concert in a nearby town of Torrejon de Ardoz in the prelude to its town fiesta.  A  popular singer, Rosario Flores, gave a stellar in the round concert which was much acclaimed by the public.  I like Rosario's themes and the way she performs on stage.

We also had a concert, in our parish church day fiesta, with our parish priest playing the guitar (the one with black pants second from the left).

And at the same time there was a Medieval Fair in our nearby park with sale of handcrafted items, food with drinks and fun activities. 

I would have lingered but I decided to take a walk and take pictures of the beautiful patches of lavender and a few remaining roses for the season, surrounding our park.  I took a minute to smell the aromatic fragrance of the lavender that evokes a feeling of calm and tranquility.  Life is good...

Only to reach home and find my cactus has bloomed.  Nothing compared with the beauty of a rose, and yet I find beauty in the imperfection of a cactus.

"Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a great deal to love a leaf. It’s ordinary to love the beautiful, but it’s beautiful to love the ordinary."

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Nuevo Baztan and Indonesian Festival in Madrid

Madrid and its surrounding cities are filled with different activities that anyone gets an invitation to see for free.  Yesterday, in Nuevo Baztan, about a 30 minute drive from our place, Ron took me to see the exhibit on paper dresses.

Nuevo Bazt├ín hosts since last April 30th until 19 July  a peculiar exhibition of  dresses made out of paper that  combine tradition and modernity to create unique works of art.  Every year since 1965 in  a small Catalonian city called Mollerussa, takes place a National Paper Dress Competition  and  where dresses winning the national Paper Dress Competition are kept.

Paper is used with   imagination, innovation, patience and perseverance to give forms to dresses, accessories, animal and other stuff. See one of the marvels of paper designs using gift wrappers, silk, crepe and other types of paper.  Check on the accessories like hats, bags, neclaces, headgears, etc. all of which are hand sewn.  Feel the old time fashion... on paper and enjoy the unique items, of  authentic cultural and craft heritage.



Check on the beads which are made from TOILET PAPER!

And if the Catalonians'  paper exhibit provided for the cake, the Indonesians  added icing to the cake, with their colorful costumes as we went to attend their annual Bazaar.

Every year in June, the Indonesian Embassy in Madrid, organizes a Solidarity Bazaar to promote friendship and cooperation between the Indonesians and Spanish people while at the same time  raising funds for children's school needs both in Indonesia and Spain.  Typical Indonesian food and handcrafted items  sold at reasonable prices, photo sessions at 1Eur with traditional costume, and a variety of cultural programs were offered this weekend.

Their dessert is  similar to our Halo halo but with coconut milk instead of our evaporated milk, and with syrup added instead of our sugar.  Cubes of ice instead of crushed ice were used.

Men wore shirts similar to the Filipino Barong except that they were in three fourths sleeves.

Kids joyfully performed  a traditional folk dancing.

Then, by myself, I ended up going to an artisan sale of varied items lined up in stalls in another area in Madrid.  What a day!  I was so tired and sleepy afterwards that as I took the train back home, I missed my stop.  As I opened my eyes, I realized I must have snored as I saw a young lady on the other side watching me with a glitter in her eyes.   Oh well...
Living a small life and enjoying it.