Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015 Scarecrow Competition in Bisterne, U.K.

Every year, in Bisterne (England), a small village in Hampshire hosts a scarecrow competition as a charity event.  This year to the proceeds are for the upkeep of the community Village Hall.  The Scarecrow Festival this year takes place between 16th August and 1st of September.  There are on average 20 to 25 scarecrows on display in the local Bisterne area and some in Sandford.  Maps are sold plotting the location of the scarecrows and just like in a treasure hunt, some are easier to find than others. Source:  Daily Echo.

Here are some of the photos from Mel and a few others from internet.

Source of Photo:  Blog derrickjknight

Shrek waiting for Fiona

The Bear family

Homage to royal baby, George.

The Minions

The Minion Garbage Bin

Source of Photo:  Blog derrickjknight
Source of Photo:  Blog derrickjknight

The Bisterne Scarecrow Festival is a charity raising event that in a certain way announces the approach of autumn.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Trip to A Coruña, Galicia Part IV

Out of Galicia’s four provincial capitals (Lugo, Ourense, Pontevedra, and A Coruña our last to check off the list was A Coruña.  We did not have time to visit Lugo.

From Santiago de Compostela, we took a train to A Coruña which took less than 40 mins.  From the train station, we went by taxi to visit the private museum of Emilia Pardo Bazán.

One thing that I will not forget about Emilia Pardo Bazán are the words written on the floor of her museum that says:   "What is written stays, not everything else"...

After visiting the museum of  Emilia Pardo Bazán, we asked the museum attendant for a recommendation as to where to eat and we were directed to the Boca de Lobo, right in the heart of the old town. This restaurant has fantastic food, friendly and helpful staff in a cozy atmosphere. They serve set menus for less than 10 Euros with good taste and presentation.


From the restaurant, we went down a long stairway to go to the María Pita Square, the biggest and most significant of the city's plazas.  This square is the heart of modern A Coruña, a meeting point of the city and a fine place to people watch.

Then as we were strolling around the María Pita Square, while Ron was busy taking pictures, I overheard a group of three women asking among themselves where they could eat around the area.  I decided to "barge" into their conversation recommending the Boca de Lobo restaurant where we have just been to.  And they thanked me for the suggestion, but they were quite amused because they happen to live in the area.  The restaurant's name just struck them after I mentioned it.

Santiago Church

Paseo Marítimo, a ten- kilometer long seaside promenade that encircles the city.  It is said that once the project is completed, it will be the longest of its kind in Europe.

A church named San Nicolás.

By the sea, we saw a lot of people who were either sun bathing or walking over the sand.  Ron took off his socks and shoes and went closer to the sea.  It was a bright sunny day with clear blue skies. But it was too hot to stay under the direct heat of the sun.

We took the bus to see the tower Hercules, a Roman lighthouse declared in 2009 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It measures 180 feet in height and is the oldest Roman lighthouse still in operation.  Source:  David's Blog.

But neither Ron nor I was willing to go up the lighthouse, so we went near the sea instead to enjoy the picturesque water views and be absorbed by the city's charismatic ambiance.

And that ends our trip to Galicia, we left for the hotel to pick up our luggages and we took a little rest before we had a light dinner in a cafeteria nearby.  We were all set to fly home.  It was a short trip, but well spent.

Looking forward to the next trip....