Saturday, October 24, 2015

Part VIII Trip to Tuscany - Certaldo

On our last day in Tuscany, we decided to visit Certaldo, a town in the province of Florence before heading to the Pisa airport to get back to Madrid.

It was the home of the family of Giovanni Boccaccio, poet of "Vita di Dante", and author of the Decameron.

The town of Certaldo is divided into upper and lower parts. The lower part is called Certaldo Basso, whilst the medieval upper part is called called Certaldo Alto. Certaldo Alto has limited vehicular access, for use by residents only, and is linked to Certaldo Basso by the cable car. Wikepedia


We were all amazed with the sights in Certaldo.  Certaldo Alta is a unique town-museum. The village remained, as if by magic, in the Middle Ages.  Source:  Blog Tourism in Certaldo

Here are details of our trip.






The house of Boccaccio, now a museum.



The Palazzo Pretorio or Vicariale, the residence of the Florentine governors, recently restored to its original condition, has a picturesque facade adorned with ceramic coats of arms, and in the interior are various frescoes dating from the 3th to the 16th century.  Wikipedia





Italian ceramics workshop with items for sale.

Mel chose this place for us to have lunch.  Food was okay but nothing extraordinary and quite pricey.

Here is what we ate: Ñoquis, pasta with wild boar, steak...

Views from the restaurant.

On the way down.

Certaldo, an old harmonious town with its uniform and lively architecture and historical and cultural resources in the municipal area.  It is a quaint, small and ancient hilltop town which is worth a detour if you want to get off the beaten track.  We enjoyed our day trip to Certaldo.