Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Buitrago del Lozoya a day trip

Buitrago de Lozoya is one of the charming villages in Madrid.  It was declared of Cultural interest on March 11 of 1993.  Buitrago de Lozoya is famous for its enclosed walls and its stone buildings.  The surrounding Lozoya River gives the village a certain air of Medieval times.

Ron, Mel and I had an enjoyable day excursion, where we started with lunch in a typical bar in the plaza with the wonderful coincidence of a bright, sunny, and warm December day.  It gave us the opportunity to eat on a terrace with the accompaniment of a guitarist that sang and played for the public.

Here are some of our pictures:

Inscribed on the grounds as we entered the village, the Madroño tree and the bull, symbols of Madrid.

Playful lizards...

Views along the Lozoya river...  The bright sun showed beautiful reflections on the river.

The walls...

Just having fun.

Some of my tricky shots:

Getting out from a labyrinth was no problem.

Mel thanks Ron for taking us to Buitrago de Lozoya where we spent a joyful filled day.

Time to say goodbye to Buitrago de Lozoya...

The sunset with the half moon and seen through a mirror.

Family being united is a beautiful thing and most so when it happens on a special occasion.

Monday, November 07, 2016

La Rollerie in Alcala de Henares

In one of our trips to Alcalá de Henares, we were surprised to find a new place where to eat, "La Rollerie de Henares", a Provencal corner in the heart of Alcalá.

Just as you enter you will see at the extreme end of the local a great glassed wall showing a large terrace which has been fully refurbished as if it were a neighborhood playground.

But instead of a typical Spanish patio, like so many others that we enjoy in our historical center of Alcalá, it is a patio that simulates the environment of a courtyard of French Provence.

But don't get deceived by your eyes, the decorations are all fake!  The tree, the leaves and flowers on the walls, the windows and some doors...

But despite the fictitious atmosphere of Provence, La Rollerie has its magical environment where you can have delicious hamburgers and sandwiches, homemade nachos and empanadillas at reasonable prices.  A nice change for an evening dinner despite the rain.  

During the day and  typical of every Saturday lately, a cleaning lady named Elena, came by  to help me clean (and she does such a great job cleaning every nook and corner).  Let me show you my small patio garden.  She cleaned even the borders! Nothing Provencal, and yet I am proud because it is my own, 

Life is filled with simple pleasures.  Let us enjoy what life has to offer in its different forms and ways. Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fun or Money?

Which is it?  Fun or money? 

At work, ‘fun’ is much more than just having a giggle. Fun means working in a business where you believe in the vision and the ethos. That’s where ‘fun’ begins. To do a challenging job well, every day, you have to be doing something that has meaning to you. Fun on the job means working with people you like and respect. Fun at work includes collaboration, mutual support and a strong bond of shared goals. Fun means winning more than losing, continuous learning, constantly growing as a businessperson, and doing something you know impacts people in a positive way. That’s fun. And it includes traditional fun too. A workplace where we can have a laugh, where we can socialise easily, enjoy each other’s company and celebrate group and individual success. A job that enhances your self-esteem and sense of worth. That is fun.   Source:  Greg Savage

But what about money?  
Many people do their jobs simply because they need the money. While it’s possible to have fun in these situations, and while it’s possible to be passionate about jobs that get the bills paid, if your primary motivation is simply getting a paycheck, you are much more likely to feel burnt out at times. If things don’t go right you may feel more put-upon rather than feeling the sense of challenge that a passionate person might feel. If the job begins to feel stale to you, money as your motivator may not be enough to keep you feeling content. You may find that it’s hard to pull yourself out of bed and that you are dragging yourself to work. The weekends may seem far too blissful and far too short.  Source: Greg Savage

Which is it?  Want or need?  If it's a need, there is no question.  Money is overrated, and often leads to a higher levels of stress and less quality of life, especially if the job is something you're not passionate about and you're working all the time.  Chase your passion, be authentic and money will come, otherwise you might find 10 years have passed and you're miserable wondering where the time went.  Source:  Georg Moncrief

Fun is decent motivation in the short term, good money is decent in the longer term, but  fun becomes boring soon enough if you're in an environment without growth prospects, and money is no perfect substitute for a feeling of ownership about your work.

Mel chooses to work more for fun and though she realizes that work will not make her "rich" in her job, she is able to organize charity party every summer to support cancer, where through donations, she helps to sell cakes and cooks 150 hamburgers (and she does not even eat meat!) collaborates in educating youngsters,  meets people of different nationalities,  monitors varied activities....


And still have time to relax in her free time.

Life is a journey, enjoy every moment!