Monday, March 28, 2016

Trip to Pedraza on Good Friday

In the afternoon of Good Friday, Ron and I visited Pedraza.  Pedraza is a small walled, medieval village full of narrow streets and corners in Segovia.  Declared to be a Historic-Artistic Site in 1951, the village of Pedraza has one of the most beautiful main squares in Castilla y León.

It has cobbled streets and emblazoned houses that form a medieval urban setting, crowned by a castle, in whose tower, currently a museum, the painter Zuloaga had a studio. Source:  El Viajero.

It was a cold, cloudy day with drizzles and slight rain in between our visit.  But somehow, the rain did not affect us much since it did not last but for a few minutes of nothing.

Here are some of our pictures.

The nearby mountains were still covered with some snow.



There is a high interest among the local people in offering their handcrafted goods in small stores spread out in strategic areas of the town.

The main square, just like in any town in Spain, is the main attraction, where most of the restaurants are gathered and consequently, is the most frequented place at any time of day.

Near the castle, we found this curious sculpture.  Ron was getting ready to rest his head.

But wait he had to sneeze first....

Now he is ready for the act!

There were two incidents that will always remind us of Pedraza.  One, is that as Ron dropped me off before he parked the car, I was in such a hurry to get off the car because there was a car waiting to get through, that I forgot to remove my seat belt before I got off.  And with my jacket on, I got my right arm caught with the seat belt so I had to get back hurriedly to my seat so Ron could give way for the other car.  A little farther away, I took off my jacket and got off the car.  But soon enough, I realized that I did not have my camera.  I had to look for it where Ron left me, while he looked for a parking space. I had to ask the two guards if they saw my camera, because it was in front of them when I first left the car.  They said no.  Luckily, Ron found the camera in the car.

The next incident was when we were already near our place and decided to eat at McDonald's.  Ron realized that he did not have his coin wallet.  He had about 30 Euros inside the wallet.  But he keeps another wallet, to separate his money between two places so that is why he was able to pay for our meals in McDonald's.  For a while he thought that he must have left it inside the store where he bought some snacks before we left Pedraza. Luckily, Ron found the wallet inside another bag that he carried that day and which he left inside the trunk.  Whew!!!  And believe it or not, it was no longer raining when we reached home.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sepulveda on Good Friday

Sepulveda is a popular town within the province of Segovia and is popular for its traditional restaurants that serve roasted cordero (lamb)  and cochinillo (piglet), and with its appealing views of the local sierra. 

Tempting torreznos (chitsaron) and roasted lamb's legs!

But being Good Friday, we tried to eat light only to have tapas.

In Sepulveda, there  are several bakeries offering artisan pastries.

And the plaza is lined up with artisans selling their products and with  some small shops selling all sorts of  trinkets and curios.

While restaurants have their own ways of attracting diners.

The sights invited us to take several selfies, until we were interrupted twice. First by an old man who lives in the neighborhood who approached us with a question:  "do you know what happens here every morning between 8:30 and 9:00 am in the morning?"  I looked at Ron, and he had the same face of surprise as I did, and we both replied "No, we don't know, what is it?" and the old man with a grin replied:  thirty minutes, that is what happens every morning from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m,  the lapse of 30 minutes! eeh??? He stayed for a few minutes and allowed me to take his picture with Ron.

The second time was when the librarian in our town walked by and offered to take my picture with Ron,  But I took his picture with Ron first. And although I did not like the picture he took for us, the ones that Ron offered to take the librarian and his group came out well as evidenced by the excitement of the lady who owns the camera saying :  "I will post this on the board"...  As she showed the two photos to the group,  everyone else said the same thing.  Wow!  Here is a picture of Ron and the librarian.

They soon left too and we continued to take our selfies and other pictures somewhere else.

The sign says:  "Prohibited to pee in this street  subject to a fine of two pesetas".  

Hoods used during procession by the brotherhood associations.

The main square. 





We soon left to go to Pedraza, a nearby town also in Segovia while it started to drizzle as we got into the car.