Monday, November 07, 2016

La Rollerie in Alcala de Henares

In one of our trips to Alcalá de Henares, we were surprised to find a new place where to eat, "La Rollerie de Henares", a Provencal corner in the heart of Alcalá.

Just as you enter you will see at the extreme end of the local a great glassed wall showing a large terrace which has been fully refurbished as if it were a neighborhood playground.

But instead of a typical Spanish patio, like so many others that we enjoy in our historical center of Alcalá, it is a patio that simulates the environment of a courtyard of French Provence.

But don't get deceived by your eyes, the decorations are all fake!  The tree, the leaves and flowers on the walls, the windows and some doors...

But despite the fictitious atmosphere of Provence, La Rollerie has its magical environment where you can have delicious hamburgers and sandwiches, homemade nachos and empanadillas at reasonable prices.  A nice change for an evening dinner despite the rain.  

During the day and  typical of every Saturday lately, a cleaning lady named Elena, came by  to help me clean (and she does such a great job cleaning every nook and corner).  Let me show you my small patio garden.  She cleaned even the borders! Nothing Provencal, and yet I am proud because it is my own, 

Life is filled with simple pleasures.  Let us enjoy what life has to offer in its different forms and ways. Have a wonderful day!