Monday, February 27, 2017

Carnival in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid

Carnivals are generally most common among Catholic countries.  The Carnival is celebrated before Christian lent  (generally between February and March). It ends with the burning of the sardines made of carton or light wood, in a ceremony that is done for fun and laughter on Ash Wednesday (with a procession of women dressed in black as if in mourning), to grieve for the end of the Carnival until next year, while announcing the authentic start of the lenten season.

Under the watchful Don Quixote, Alcalá de Henares once again celebrated its Carnival, with costumes that the Alcalainos have dedicated many days of preparation for both children and adults. Held in the square of Cervantes and its historical center, there were parades, exhibitions and contests with participants in their dresses with masks and costumes that were not only colorful and original but also handmade from recycled materials that displayed the creativity of the Alcalainos.

Balloons added to the cheerful atmosphere and a means of distraction for the children who impatiently waited for what to them was one of the biggest anual attractions. 

Some of the curious costumes were as follows:

First prize, children's costume, fantasy owl.  Source: Dream Alcalá

Second and third prizes, children's costume. butler and maid.  Source: Dream Alcalá

Under the general category for costumes, the awards went to the following:

First prize, old kiosk.
Second prize, Fans fantasy.  

Third prize, centaur.   

Other curious costumes:

Afer the costumes contest under general category, there were fokloric and modern dances, as well as a local flamenco dancer.  They had dedicated many hours of work to delight the public for the occasion and it made watching them worthwhile.

As has been said: