Monday, April 17, 2017

Day Trip to Aranjuez

In the south of Madrid is Aranjuez, a small Spanish city, with its lush gardens which makes you feel taking the steps of  royalty as you walk through and visit its impressive Royal Palace.  

For centuries, the kings and queens of Spain have chosen to spend the spring months in the Palace of Aranjuez, situated in a low-lying meadow formed by the confluence of the Tagus (local name Tajo) and Jarama Rivers. Thanks to its vast, stunning gardens, Aranjuez was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in December 2001.  Wikipedia

Aranjuez is best to visit in spring or summer so you can take in all the colors of its gardens in full bloom.  Unlike most towns in Spain, there are no tiny streets here. Aranjuez stands out for its large and spacious boulevards where you can enjoy typical Spanish food and game food.

Ron took Mel and me to visit Aranjuez last Saturday and here is what we saw in the quiet city along the rivers and within the gardens and the city center:

The restaurant El Rana Verde by the Tagus river bank with a scenic view specially at sunset time.

Fountain of Hercules and Anteo, in Parterre Gardens.  It's a French garden designed by King Phillip II that flanks the lazy Tajo River. Among the greenery, you will find statues, fountains and vases with many details that catch your attention.


Jardín de la Isla  (Garden Island)

The Castanets Cascade.  It is a semi-circular element formed by stones  (shaped like castanets) that generates a relaxing and enjoyable sound as water hits the stones.


Casa del Labrador - Recreation house

Prince's garden

I visited the Royal Palace on my own as Mel wandered around the city as mutually agreed with. What impressed me most in the Royal palace are the following two rooms:  the Chinese Porcelain room and the Arab room.  Source of pictures:  google.

On the way back to the train station,  we went through the city and admired its spacious plazas and boulevards which surprised me to see in a small city.

A fun event just had to end up with a toast of cheers!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Beauty that surrounds us

"There is beauty outside today and everyday, if you take just a second of your time, it is there for you to see. Just takes a second, you will see... it really is out there for you and me".
Written by, 
Maureen P. OShea 
Copyright 2002   

Art is a living language.  It continuously speaks and just as words have meaning, art has meaning and power to either inspire or to disturb.  We must understand that we human beings are not immune to the things around us.  Whether we realize it or not, everything impacts us either positively or negatively.

Walking around, here are what I saw and admired.

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere- Vincent Van Gogh.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

The start of holy week

Today is the beginning of the festivities of the passion, death and resurrection of the Lord. And today, the church invites us to allow Christ to take possession of our heart, so that He may enter in the depths of our soul.  Today, we are asked to put in the olive branches everything that weighs on us, and that which diminishes our well being.

Ron and Beatriz came over to join me in prayers in mass and with the olive branches, we had placed our hopes for God's blessings.

Then Ron invited me to join his High School friends for  tapas.  Being a very sunny, almost a summer day, we had a superb day.

This photo below was taken by an eight year old boy, named Sergio, while I took the next one.  This was taken after the tapas in a bakery shop.

Yesterday, I took some pictures around our park with the main feature of the "Love trees", which bloom after the cherry blossoms.

I find myself happy with the simple things in life, appreciating  the blessings that God provides me. It is the sweet simple things in life which are the real ones after all.