Monday, July 10, 2017

Last day in London

Despite Britain’s reputation as a rather serious place, humor really is the nation’s default setting. They are always looking to spice up the day with a sprinkle of laughter.  Here are some curious things I saw in London.

A sign on an "eat all you can" restaurant.   And see the cute teapot which among other pretty ones is seen in cafés.

The burning candles formed majestically the figure below, found in the restaurant Boulevard near the Covent Garden.

The underground exit with the advertisement of "The Lion King".

Covent garden  market by day  

Source of picture:  Visit
Covent garden market by night

Source of picture:  Visit
The hydrogen powered buses according to London Mayor Sadiq Khan with low emission  vehicles are gradually being a key part of the rationale for moving away from diesel buses. And, as part of his commitment to cleaning the capital's air, the Mayor wants all London buses to meet the Ultra-Low Emission Zone standard during 2020.  Source of information:  Air Quality News.

Source:  Air Quality News
The "Handy" telephone which you can carry with you, courtesy of the hotel where you can have free access to internet and international phone calls.

A fruit stand that is on my way to the underground.  I am used to seeing newstands by the streets in Madrid but not fruit stands.

I visited the Courtauld Gallery, particularly known for its French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist  paintings.  I was happy to see some of the famous paintings many of which I was only familiar with in pictures.

These are what I liked best:

There is a special exhibit that uses parts of the body such as the one below, "where the diminutive sculpture cradled in the palm of the artist's hand is constructed from fragments of his own skin"...


My London trip although was quite short, not even three full days, were well taken advantage of. I must say that I loved the walk in the Holland Park, but unfortunately, I tripped while I was taking a picture of the Kyoto Garden.  I did not see the barricade of a thick cord, fencing the greens.

I did not get badly injured, thanks God, only with a slight bruise on my right knee and my right shoulder.  It was good  that a family was passing by and the mother helped me to get incorporated. At least my camera and my pictures were safe, jejeje... Also while in the park, I got quite impressed by the statue pictured below as it looked too real by dusk. And there was nobody else around.

All is well that ends well.  Everything else went smoothly, including the plane ride home, where again I was lucky to have an aisle seat with nobody in the middle, even when the flight was full. The plane arrived earlier than schedule, but Ron was not able to pick me up and I was more comfortable taking the train rather than a taxi.  I managed to be home safe and sound before midnight.

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