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Trip to London Day 3

The world is a wonderful place when it is full of creative art. It can be a shocking photograph, a mesmerizing painting, a song well produced or even a sweet poem. Somehow, to hear or see something of great artistic value has the ability to elevate the spirit of one and produce a feeling of optimism and happiness or at least that seems to work that way with me.

Trip to London - Day 3

I went early to the National Gallery to see some of the impressionist paintings,  with special interest in one of Vermeer's paintings.  I took the  train to Piccadilly Circus and as I walked  through Haymarket street, I saw the Four Horses of Helios, which were quite impressive, being totally in bronze and with life size dimensions.  I also passed by this pretty, colorful coffee shop.

Luckily, there were not plenty of people when I arrived at the National Gallery and pictures were allowed, although without flash.

There was a good view from the balcony of the National Gallery, including the same lady with her violin, that had been singing Alleluia since Mel and I passed in the same place yesterday.  And

Just like in Madrid, they also have statue peddlers, that seemed to be floating in the air, but you can tell from the way they were dressed and how they kept one hand tightly gripped to what seems to be a pole, that they are suspended over something heavy enough to support them. Trafalgar Square is pictured below, as seen from the National Gallery.

Here are some of my favorite paintings:


I had a scheduled lunch with the Calvelos at 1, and traffic was bad.  I knew I couldn't make it at one and as I thought of calling up Armin, I received a message from her saying "sorry, but lunch has to be postponed at 1:30pm" then succeedingly  to 1:45pm... Whew, that saved me from apologizing.

It wasn't easy to find the place because the restaurant Strada has two branches, one on each side of the Thames River and the name on the street was not in its usual place.  But they gave me the address so I wasn't worried that I was going to the wrong place.  People that I asked for directions were very nice.  Here are the views on the way...

Here is the street entrance to where Strada Restaurant is located in 2 More London riverside.

Jamie Oliver's restaurant is on the same street,  but it doesn't have any good view.

The views from inside the restaurant, where we had a table on the upper floor.

Traffic held the family more time than expected.  But it did not really matter because, I had the appetizers of chicken pizza and chicken Caesar's salad,  ready on the table when they arrived.  I couldn't help but eat a couple of slices of the yummy pizza as my stomach was already complaining...

Then we had Fritto Misto, chicken Caesar's salad, penne carbonara, Sirloin steak and several mini cakes for dessert. 

Fritto misto is the food on the plate, but don't be deceived, Ate Aurea and I are not having one plate each, but the two plates are to be shared among all of us, MaryAnn was already aiming to get one, jejeje.  Wait lang picture muna...

Pictures here and there and everywhere...

It was a beautiful day to go on a river cruise, and so we did go for a  ride.  While the three stayed on the upper deck, Ate Aurea and I stayed on the lower deck.

After the thirty minute cruise ride, we went  for a short rest to Hotel Rydges where they were lodged Later on, we had dinner in Steak & Co, and what steaks!  They were so juicy and tender...

Ate Aurea had a chicken carbonara pasta topped with bacon...

The three others had steak, while I had a beef salad.  Instead of small strips of beef, I had like sirloin steak in generous servings.

Armin and MaryAnn opted for a steak on a grill that they cooked themselves while Elmer decided to have his done in the kitchen, although he also ended up using the grill of Armin.

After dinner, I thought it would be easier for me to do the groceries before I went back to the Hotel so that in the morning I would be ready to pack my luggage.  I came with only 16 kgs and without the pasalubongs that would probably have totaled to more than 8 kgs, it was  wiser to fill it up with some stuff.  Grocery stores close rather late, usually by 10:00 or 11:00 pm so I had the time to shop. Ginger cookies, crumpets, potato chips, cereals, tea, etc... those were light enough to carry around and certainly not available in Spain, all of which accompanied me home.

Bonding with the Calvelos was a very gratifying experience because they are so used to travelling that they find the best places to eat or to go, while willing to pay the price that it takes.  Like they enjoyed the afternoon tea in the luxury of Thames Foyer at the Savoy.  They announced a bday celebration for Ate Aurea, but I guess they did not include her in the thread because, when the waitress came to offer her the bday cake, Ate Aurea exclaimed:  "But my birthday is  March 11!"

Look at these lovely pieces of artistic creations, served in fine English porcelain making you feel like you visited the Queen.

But she had her birthday cake anyway, jejeje...  Belated happy birthday Ate Aurea!  I am sure that the places that you have visited in London will bring you happy memories.

 Regent's Park

The classical booth

 Your driver Steve and his black taxi

 The subway experience (?)

Years from now, we can all look back on more than a souvenir spoon or magnet.  As time passes, we will find there are memories that stick out more than others, but unfortunately, a million tiny ones that are lost forever.  But there will be one sure thing that will linger, that in London, we found each other, shared laughter, updated on our lives, and how we ate around a sumptuous table!  Thank you Calvelos for the good time, and for the treats. Lovely, lovely, lovely bonding experience!   Until we meet again stay well and keep safe.

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